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Thousands take action for #GoodFoodGoodFarming
 02.11.2018 10:05:50

Last weekend, people across Europe - at 60 events across 19 countries – gathered for picnics, cooking workshops, farm visits, protest marches and much more. United by a shared drive to change our food system to make local, sustainable food affordable and available for all, and support the small-scale sustainable farmers that feed us, the actions came as part of the #GoodFoodGoodFarming days of action. Here are some of the highlights from what Friends of the Earth groups got up to...


Around Dijon, Les Amis de la Terre Côte D'or brought local and organic food to around a thousand people over 32 different events and activities, including food tastings, farm visits, composting workshops, and much more.


In Galicia, Aragon and Madrid, local Amigos de la Tierra/Friends of the Earth Spain groups set up public picnics of local, ecological and vegetarian food, showing passersby it's possible to eat well without meat.


Volunteers from Friends of the Earth Malta joined a weekly farmers' market in Ta 'Qali on Saturday 27th October, engaging people at the market in discussions around local food, and how we can change the food system to make local, sustainable food more accessible and affordable for all.

The event was covered in the nightly TV news - video here


NOAH/Friends of the Earth Denmark and Ungdom NOAH/Young Friends of the Earth Denmark brought people together for the 'Future food – give peasants the floor' event, where participants picked and cooked local food.

 The Netherlands

On October 27th, more than 100 people gathered in the southeast of The Netherlands to learn more about sustainable agriculture. They enjoyed excursions to farms, plenary speeches, documentaries and workshops, with reforming the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) a key topic. And they made the local TV news too!

Supported by the European Union

 Denmark, France, Malta, Netherlands, Spain


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