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Fears of TTIP threat to democracy, as key documents published.
 04.04.2016 09:58:08

The European Commission has today released new documents outlining its position on key aspects of the EU-US trade negotiations including regulatory cooperation and good regulatory practices. Friends of the Earth Europe has reacted that the new texts confirms fears that democratically-agreed laws put in place to protect the environment and human health could come under attack as part of the TTIP negotiations and in a context of growing attacks on regulations through the so-called 'Better Regulation' agenda.

Paul de Clerck, Friends of the Earth Europe's trade spokesperson, said: "While this new proposal on regulatory cooperation differs in several aspects from the earlier text tabled by the EU, it confirms one thing: the European Commission's continuous push towards weakening environmental, health, safety and consumer standards to increase corporate profits. If agreed, the proposals would further enshrine big business influence on decision-making, while undermining the power of the European and national parliaments."

Since the beginning of the EU-US trade negotiations, 'regulatory cooperation' has been a centrepiece of the planned agreement. Following significant criticisms, the European Union has adjusted its position, although Friends of the Earth Europe believes the most dangerous aspects remain.

For an analysis of the new documents, please see here.

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