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The Pinocchio Prize 2012: voting open.
 03.11.2012 01:28:30
The Pinocchio Prize 2012 voting open

The Pinocchio Prize 2012: voting open


2 November 2012

Voting is open for the fifth edition of the Pinocchio Prize, from Friends of the Earth France. The awards continue to illustrate and denounce the negative impacts and activities of French companies in France, and abroad companies that behave in total contradiction to the concept of sustainable development, despite boasting about their 'green' credentials.

Each year, following a public vote, Pinocchio prizes are awarded to three deserving companies in three categories:

Greener than green: awarded to the company with the most excessive and misleading greenwashing. The nominees are Lesieur, Auchan and Urbaser.

Dirty hands, pockets full: awarded to the company with the most opaque policies and lobbying activities. The nominees are BNP, Areva and Perenco.

One for all, all for me!: awarded to the company with the most aggressive policies for the appropriation and over-exploitation of natural resources. The nominees are Bolera, Alteo-Rio Tinto and Vinci.

Vote now for the most deserving companies: www.prix-pinocchio.org/en

The results will be announced on the 13th November 2012 at a public ceremony. This year's awards are in partnership with the CRID and Peuples Solidaires. The awards are an integral part of Friends of the Earth France's campaign to implement a binding legal framework for business activities, to ensure companies take social and environmental responsibility for their activities.

Romain Porcheron, coordinator for the social and environmental responsibility of companies campaign at Friends of the Earth France said: "It is urgent that a judicial framework is finalised to restrict the activities of the multinationals so that these scandals, highlighted by the Pinocchio Prizes, cease. It is a priority that the parent companies should recognise fully the damage caused by their subsidiaries so that the affected populations can finally be protected."



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