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Citizens involvement in EU decision-making.
 03.11.2012 01:30:16
Citizens involvement in EU decisionmaking

Citizens involvement in EU decision-making

2 November 2012

Friday 16 November 2012, Residence Palace, Polak Room, Brussels: 9am 1pm

The issue of transparency is again high-up on the EU agenda: following the scandal about ex-health and consumer Commissioner Dalli in the last weeks, debates on how to improve the transparency of EU institutions and regain the trust of European citizens have started again.

Discussion of these questions is the goal of this conference organised by the ALTER-Citizens project. The project strives to create a two-way dialogue and greater trust between European public officials and European citizens and foster enhanced citizen participation in EU decision-making.

In the first session the link between ethics regulation and citizens' trust will discussed: What can be learnt from the European Parliament experience and how can it be used for enhanced citizens' participation in Brussels and EU member states?

The second session will follow-up on these questions and explore avenues for more inclusive citizens' participation and enhanced transparency of EU institutions. It will debate how greater lobbying transparency can be achieved in the EU and how the erosion of trust in EU institutions can be stopped.

Speakers in the first panel include:

  • Paul de Clerck (Friends of the Earth Europe)
  • Tim King (European Voice)
  • Rainer Wieland (European Parliament, vice-president, responsible for transparency)
  • Isabelle Durant (European Parliament, vice-president)

Speakers in the second panel include:

  • Christian Linder (Member of Cabinet, Commissioner Maros Sefcovic, European Commission)
  • Bernhard Achitz (Austrian Trade Union Federation ÖGB)
  • Jose Luis Rufas (Transparency Register Secretariat, European Parliament)
  • Gundi Gadesmann (Office of the European Ombudsman)
  • Peter Facey (Unlock Democracy)

You can see the full programme here

If you plan to attend, please register here

If you have any further questions e-mail fabian.flues@foeeurope.org


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