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Doha climate talks Industrialised countries fail to take emergency action.
 13.12.2012 15:35:46
Doha climate talks Industrialised countries fail to take emergency action

8 December 2012

Doha, Qatar / Brussels, Belgium Friends of the Earth Europe has condemned the governments of industrialised countries, including the European Union, for continuing to block action on climate change, at failed international climate negotiations in Doha, Qatar.

Susann Scherbarth, climate justice campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe said: "In the desert of Doha, the European Union buried its head in the sand it should be embarrassed of its role in these failed talks. The EU must go a lot further in the fight against climate change, there are no excuses for its lack of action. Europe must commit to least 40% emission reductions at home by 2020 without offsetting, as well as sufficient climate finance to the poorest nations.

"After two weeks the talks have finished with the world no closer to avoiding catastrophic global warming. We urgently need a route map for developing a low-carbon future and a timetable for getting there. Only a few grains of sand are left in the hourglass and for yet another year the international climate talks have failed because of shameful inaction by rich developed nations."

Young people from all around Europe followed the negotiations in Doha closely at the 'Qatar in Brussels' youth climate justice convergence. They are demanding more meaningful action and ambition from the EU.

"Young Europeans are deeply disappointed that the EU has failed to play a leading role at the UN climate summit in Doha. By not committing to further reduce any greenhouse gas emissions in the next 8 years and by not putting enough money on the table to support emission reductions and adaptation measures in developing countries, the EU has blocked important progress in Doha," said Susi Hammel from Young Friends of the Earth Europe.

"The future of young people and coming generations is at stake. We are committed to building a strong youth movement in Europe to demand that our politicians put the needs of young people before the interests of the fossil fuel industry."


In parallel to the climate summit in Doha, Qatar, Young Friends of the Earth Europe organised Qatar in Brussels, a youth convergence which brought together more than 50 young people from all across Europe. The young people followed the negotiations through direct live link-ups to Doha, organised workshops on climate justice issues and shared skills on campaigning and change-making. www.foeeurope.org/yfoee

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