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France: Standing with Amazon workers - #covidsolidarity.
 05.07.2020 16:23:32

Stories of solidarity under coronavirus

Coronavirus hasnt affected everyone equally. We're sharing stories from across our European and global network of what lockdown and life under coronavirus look like around the world. Hearing from those who are among the worst affected, and how they are taking action.

I'm with France

In France and elsewhere, the multinational corporation Amazon, attempted to captialise on the coronoavirus crisis and the closure of non-essential shops to increase its operations.

Amazon workers were left unprotected working without adequate physical distance, without proper protective equipment, and dealing with an increase in orders.

Friends of the Earth France was active in support of trade unions calling for the protection of Amazon workers.

They produced a mobilization kit for activists to help people take action in support of workers.

They organised several email and Twitter actions targeting Muriel Pénicaud, Minister for Labour, demanding the closure of Amazon sites for endangering lives.

The actions focused particularly on sharing evidence and testimonies of workers being at risk. People were asked to share videos, photos and testimonies showing the risks to workers were real and serious.

During this time Amazon was busy with its own communications claiming it was prioritising health and safety.

The campaign worked!

On 14 April, a French court ruled Amazon had to limit its activity to the delivery of essential products only during the coronavirus crisis.

In France, Friends of the Earth continues to oppose plans for 11 new Amazon distribution centres, pointing out that up to 90% of its deliveries are for non-essential items. It continues to push for re-localisation and more sustainanable models of production and consumption.

They also continue to stand with Amazon workers all over Europe.



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