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Join the Energy Revolution.
 13.03.2014 23:21:14
Join the Energy Revolution

We need a just energy transition. We need to stop dirty energy developments like nuclear, coal and shale gas. And put people's interests ahead of dirty corporations.

The threat of runaway climate change makes the energy transition urgent, but EU leaders are not keeping their promises for climate action. 

The current proposal from the European Commission for climate action by 2030 is weak and insufficient. It recommends targets so low they would open the door shale gas, nuclear and other dirty energies.

On March 20th European Heads of State will meet to discuss these proposals for the first time. We will be there to show that we are frustrated with the lack of urgent action and we want a real energy revolution.

We'll assemble close to the building where the Heads of State are meeting. Then we'll turn our backs and create a colourful display of real, just energy solutions, followed by inspiring words from the climate and social justice movement.

Let's show governments and polluters that we have solutions to the energy and climate crisis. Clean, community-owned energy works. Across Europe people are already involved in creating energy solutions for themselves. We need a just transition to a clean energy future with safe, sustainable employment for those working in the energy sector.

Hot drinks and food provided. Bring your energy and climate justice placards. 


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